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Environmental Week at SD Juara

Senin, 21 April 2014

Since it is important to educate even the youngest in Indonesia about environmental issues, we, the two German volunteers Lenia and Lorenz from Germany working as assistant teachers at SD Juara Yogyakarta, thought about making an environmental-week for our students.

The waste-issue is a big and important topic in Indonesia, and even more so with its growing population and consumption. That is why a variety of NGOs such as the German Borda (Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association) are located here to improve the management of waste in Indonesia.

We got in touch with Borda and planned different activities together, such as making handicraft from waste and singing. We even created a mascot, the giant Dinosaur ‘Uncle Dino’ who is very concerned about our environment.

Finally, on March 17th, we started our project with the 5th grade students: First, we made wallets out of used and empty milk cartons; some of them were really awesome! After that, the students prepared a drama about an environmental issue for a preformance in front of the parents.

After the lunch, the students learnt about waste separation with the big mascot Uncle Dino, impersonated by the brave Borda employee Marius with a giant, custom-made costume from Bandung. The students obviously enjoyed this and –hopefully- learnt something about how to separate one’s trash.

After another session of drama exercise, we finished the day with a beautiful song about waste, called ‘Buang di Tong Sampah’, also to be performed on the ‘big day’ in front of the parents.

On Tuesday, we made fishes from old water bottles with the 4th grade students, with equally beautiful results as the day before. Also the 4th graders prepared a drama and enjoyed separating the trash from their lunch boxes with Uncle Dino.

The 6th grade made some pencil boxes out of used cartons and had fun with Uncle Dino, played by poor Marius again who was sweating a lot in the thick costume on this rather sunny and hot day in Yogyakarta.

Finally, the big day arrived: On Thursday, March 21st, we had all the parents of class 4,5 and 6 invited to join us to see the drama in the aula and marvel at the handicraft made from old and used waste items. It was a big success, the students were fabulous in their performances of the drama plays and singing the song ‘Buang di Tong Sampah’. Many parents came to see their children, so the aula was really packed. One of the highlights was of course the appearance of Uncle Dino who distributed stickers and pins among the children, so they always remember to care about our nature. We think (and hope…) the students had fun, learnt a lot about waste and will always remember to separate their waste.

This whole project wouldn’t have been such a success without the Borda-Team (Marius, Alex, Ova and Rifky), so our thanks again for your great cooperation!
Written by: Lorenz Posner
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